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Morse code bracelet LICHTPUNTJE

Designer:Coco June


This is more than just a pretty bracelet. The colors refer to Morse code, so it holds a hidden message. To wear close to your heart and be reminded of its special meaning. 

In times of social distancing, it is all about sharing warm feelings instead of real hugs. Not always easy, but sometimes a simple gesture and the right words evoke the warmest feeling.

Let your best friend, mom or daughter know what she means to you and send her a tiny bracelet saying : Jij bent mijn lichtpuntje.

Sliding knot. One size fits all. Available in different colors.



Our bracelets are packed with good vibes.
The hidden message accompanies you through the day, in all stages of life. It is the perfect gift for the ones you care about, including yourself.

Do you want to make it really personal? With a message or sentence that means the world to you?
Take a look at our personalized jewelry!

Handmade in Belgium, with utmost care and eye for the smallest detail.


Coco June

June aims to uncover and recognize true joy in pureness and harmony. Always with a focus on quality and details, respecting and cherishing the matter. Every item has a story, and tells a story full of warmth and beauty.


Beads 24kt gold plated
Hematite stone (Hematite is a purifying and protective stone and has the property to strengthen your self-confidence)


Make sure you can enjoy your precious jewelry for a long time.
Do not wear in the shower, the gym and spas. Avoid immediate contact with makeup and perfume.
Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place.


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