I like to surround myself with coziness and warmth. Our house is a beacon, a wonderful place to unwind, where I enjoy spending time. Subconsciously, I am always looking for added value in details. Beautiful objects, interesting textures, tactile shapes… they all tell a story. I love to immerse myself in art, and I am fascinated by the story behind a piece. I like being creative, reading, browsing through cookbooks for hours, cooking and good food.

Objects with a story

I love unique objects, made with love and attention.
Objects that contain a piece of the soul of the maker. Objects that bring cosiness and tranquility.

I love objects with a story.
Stories that carry emotions. Items with a story, that tell a story, and are waiting patiently to become part of yours.

I consciously choose handmade.
For unique objects, that are the result of patiently searching and growing. Because I like to be creative myself and make unique things. And also because I admire the work of artists and other makers. Always putting the story of the maker in the center.

Making memories

We find each other around the table: conversations with loved ones, enjoying food together, surrounded by beautiful objects with a story. Around the table, we share stories, share emotions and make new memories.